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Romanoff Renovations Perfect 10 Customer Service 2012/2013 Flooring Service Provider of the Year

About Romanoff Renovations

Work for Romanoff

"Do the Right Thing." It's a simple but powerful statement at Romanoff, representing our company's values. They dictate how we treat our customers, how our team treats one another, how we interact with the communities we serve, and how our company treats its employees.

How We "Do the Right Thing" for our Employees

Giving Back: Providing "Perfect 10" customer service is a top priority of Romanoff, and it's made possible by the efforts of our employees. We recognize this achievement through our quarterly bonus program. Our annual managers retreat at a top-quality resort combines yearly company review and forecast of the year to come with ample leisure activities for managers and their significant others.

About Romanoff Renovations

Listening: Feedback from our team is collected frequently and greatly valued. Romanoff is a company where your voice is heard and you can make an impact with your ideas. Our "Do the Right Thing" value statement itself was created from combined suggestions from our team.

Respecting All: Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing different perspectives to the company. The work environment at Romanoff is not one of political jockeying. Our team is respectful of one another and supportive of each other's goals and efforts, in and out of the workplace. Everyone works hard, but our company encourages work/life balance by not over-taxing our staff and building a fun environment in which to work.

Committing to Excellence: Romanoff offers fantastic benefits for all of its employees. This includes competitive salaries, 401K, medical/dental package, paid time off, mileage reimbursements, annual managers' retreat, and bonus programs.

Interested in Joining the Romanoff Family? Check out the positions we currently have available:

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Software Developer (Specialist - Support Services) Corporate Click Here to Apply
Application Support Technician (Lead Specialist - Support Services) Sacramento Click Here to Apply
SQL Server Data Base Administrator (Lead Specialist - Support Services) Corporate Click Here to Apply
Field Manager (Field Manager) Orlando Click Here to Apply

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